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ABC Pest Control - Possum Removal St Ives is a local premier possum removal company that provides effective, affordable and non-hazardous possum removal for local residents in St Ives.

Utilising our vast experience and industry knowledge in possum removal, we provide the most effective strategies to remove possums safely from your residence.

Possums are very disruptive and in most cases people want them removed right away and that’s why we at ABC Pest Control offer the convenience of a same day service anywhere in the St Ives area for possum removal or possum control.

Why Choose ABC Pest Control - Possum Removal St Ives?

same day service Same Day Service in St Ives 100% safe guarnateed 100% Safe Guarnateed over 18 years of experience Over 18 Years' Experience

Our experienced possum catchers will first identify the source of the problem which is where the possums are intruding from. This could be anything from weak points around your roof to holes and entry points.

Once we have captured and successfully removed all the possums from your St Ives home, we will proof your roof and surrounding entry points to ensure that those possums won’t be able to intrude inside your roof again.

There is no quick fix available for possum removal, you need to thoroughly inspect your roof and property to see how the possums got in and then precede to possum proof them.

Get all those unwanted possums removed today with ABC Pest Control – The most premier possum removal company in St Ives.

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